Make A Butter Board!

What is a butter board?

A butter board is just as it sounds, a cutting board artistically slathered with butter and all dressed up with herbs, veggies, and salt!

1/2 cup of butter ( 1 stick) fresh herbs salt & pepper veggies to top Bread to serve


Butter boards are an interesting alternative appetizer or grazing platter! A butter board is a fabulous way to kickoff a meal or gathering with friends.


If you have a dutch oven use this to soften your butter! Fill the dutch oven half way with hot water and let sit for 5 minutes, then dump out and place a stick of butter inside.


My first few bites...

I was worried that this would feel like too much butter and be plain-- the salt, lemon, and roasted garlic combo was AMAZING and ADDICTING! This was so much fun to make & to eat!

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Enjoy This Recipe!

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