Turmeric  Honey + Health Shots

Why Make Turmeric Honey?

Turmeric & honey are a powerhouse combo loaded with immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties.

You only need 2 ingredients: Honey Fresh OR ground turmeric


Use it to make turmeric honey shots, spread it on morning toast or even take it straight by the tablespoon as a way to increase your turmeric intake!


This is also wonderful drizzled over roasted vegetables or added to a salad dressing!


What people are saying...

"WHOOOOOOOO WEEEEEEE. This is a fantastic way to consume fresh turmeric! I was searching for ways to eat turmeric and came across this, OMG thank you!!!!! I’ve been putting it in coffee, smoothies, toast, on ice cream, even stirred some into lemonade and made a cocktail. I am HOOKED." -Mona

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